02 March 2017

Review: Splinter

by Sasha Dawn

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Publication Date: March 1, 2017

SPLINTER by Sasha Dawn is a mystery novel about Samantha Lang trying to figure out what happened to her mother after her disappearance ten years ago, trying to avoid the obvious conclusion that her dad is guilty. Samantha tries to play the role of a detective, finding out clues on her own. I really enjoyed this book, which is basically a puzzle. It is fun to try to think about what really happened, piecing together bits of information as they appear. Throughout the book, many of the clues that are revealed cause you to re-form your own opinion of what really happened. For each new piece of evidence, you are forced to decide how, or if, you should use the new information. I found this book to be engaging and suspenseful, and I would read other books by this author. Although it's a different genre, this book reminded me of THE MARTIAN. I would recommend this book to fans of THE MARTIAN, and also to those who like to solve or play with puzzles.

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