14 March 2017

Review: A Psalm for Lost Girls

A Psalm for Lost Girls
by Katie Bayerl

Publisher: GP Putnam's Sons
Publication Date: March 14, 2017

A PSALM FOR LOST GIRLS by Katie Bayerl is a provocative story about religion, grief and sisterhood. Told in alternating perspectives, the narrative features sisters Callie and Tess de Costa, two sisters from New Avon, Massachusetts. When Tess begins hearing a voice in her head warning of terrible doom, she is able to relay these messages and prevent catastrophes. Soon, those in her town are convinced that she is a saint. However, when Tess dies unexpectedly and a missing girl appears at one of her shrines, the case for her sainthood only grows. The story follows Callie and Tess’ secret boyfriend, Danny, as they try to protect Tess’s memory and trace the kidnapper of the abducted child. This story is a compelling mix of fast-paced mystery and poignant reflection on the all-consuming nature of grief. While the plot is obviously a bit dark, the religious elements that are woven in give it a sense of hope, and Callie’s bond with her sister is inspirational and feels authentic.

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