14 March 2017

Review: Hunted

by Meagan Spooner

Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: March 14, 2017

After her father loses their fortune, Yeva aka Beauty and her family are forced to move to a small cabin on the outskirts of town. When her father goes missing while obsessively tracking a Beast, Yeva, the only one he taught to hunt, is obliged to keep her family alive. However, not knowing how to live without her father, she decides to go after him by hunting down the Beast. Soon she encounters the Beast who forces her to hunt down an unknown force to save him.
In HUNTED, Spooner decides to give a whole new appearance to this classic tale. This retelling of Beauty and Beast presents Beauty as no damsel in distress. Shes independent, brave and totally badass, making her the perfect role model for the 21st century girl. In addition, Yeva and the Beasts relationship is more relatable than other YA novels, where the leads tend to fall in love right away.

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