07 March 2017

Review: Girl Code

Girl Code
by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: March 7, 2017

GIRL CODE by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser is a documentation of Andy and Sophie’s initiation into the world of coding, and their unique experiences as they created video games and lasting friendships. Andy and Sophie’s uplifting attitude during their adventures sends out a positive message about what women can achieve when they set their minds to something. The reader will find herself rooting for Andy and Sophie as they face many trials involving coding, as well as those encountered in typical teenage life. If you are interested in coding, this book is great because it discusses many different concepts and opportunities for young coders. Likewise, if you don’t know much about coding, this book is a great introduction and showcases two girls who knew nothing about coding and the ways they learned to create things they never would have imagined. The reader should keep in mind that GIRL CODE is a record of Andy and Sophie's experiences rather than a story. Therefore it doesn't have a typical climax or exposition. I found some parts of it a bit hard to follow, but overall it was a very positive message and will encourage the reader to achieve their goals.

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