07 March 2017

Review: Confessions of a High School Disaster

Confessions of a High School Disaster
by Emma Chastain

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: March 7, 2017

Adjusting to high school can be hard... Especially when you fall in love with a senior who has a seemingly flawless girlfriend, have parents who are splitting up but can't admit it, and are the lead in the school musical. CONFESSIONS OF A HIGH SCHOOL DISASTER by Emma Chastain is told by Chloe, a lovable but flawed high school student. Throughout this witty, hilarious diary of an ordinary teenager, we follow her as she navigates friendship, the role of family, and most difficultly, love. I thought it was very interesting for the book to be written from her perspective as a diary so we get to see her life day by day, without one detail missing. This book was very well written.

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