21 March 2017

Review: Nemesis

by Brendan Reichs

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication Date: March 21, 2017

NEMESIS tells the story of two teens, Min and Noah. During the past few years, Min has been killed several times. And she has stayed living. Noah suffers in a similar way, as he receives horrific nightmares of a murderous man in a black suit who kills him. Always on even-numbered years, both teens have horrific experiences, yet keep it to themselves. But the times are changing. A giant asteroid may or may not soon destroy their planet. Huge earthquakes have been hitting cities, triggering volcanos and tsunamis. So, what do all these things have in common? Soon, the teens will have to band together to discover the secrets behind their horrific murders, and find out what a mysterious government group – Project Nemesis – has to do with all this.

The characters in the book were very interesting and well-defined. Noah is different from your usual rich-kid character, and is very shy. Min, while living in a small trailer, still enjoys her life and doesn’t care about what others think. I liked that when they first met, they were reluctant and not so trusting of each other, which is different from those books when they fall into each other’s arms so quickly. The plot was also very intriguing, and made you wonder what was going on. It was full of mystery, and made you feel unsure about what would happen next. I really liked how the further you went into the book, the more complex the mystery became, making you want to read until 2am to figure it out. I would recommend this book to any sci-fi or mystery lovers looking for a new thriller.

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