15 March 2016

Review: Shades Of Darkness

Shades of Darkness (Ravenborn #1)
By A.R. Kahler 

Publication Date: March 8, 2016

Publisher: Simon Pulse 

In SHADES OF DARKNESS readers meet aspiring painter Kaira, who attends Islington Arts Academy, a boarding school in Michigan. Kaira cherishes the solitude she finds living at Islington, because it has allowed her to put the past behind her and focus on graduating. However, when murders disguised as suicides start occurring on campus, some snippets of the past are brought back for Kaira, as she begins to worry that she is the only person who can bring things back to normal. SHADES OF DARKNESS was a truly unique read. The plot may sound basic but rest assured, it is anything but. With detailed descriptions, and elaborate stories of the gods, Kahler draws readers into Kaira’s inner world. Like the writing, she is creative, and witty. Furthermore, the other characters are just as bright as she is, from her roommate Elise, to her closest friend Ethan. The somewhat magical aspect brought the story a step above the usual boarding school book. It was twisted and unexpected, yet also light and funny. Although the novel’s beginning felt too drawn out, it was definitely worth it to keep reading, and I recommend this promising start to a new series to teens and adults alike. 

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