15 March 2016

Review: The First Time She Drowned

The First Time She Drowned 
By Kerry Kletter

Publication Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Philomel Books 

Cassie O’Malley is an eighteen year-old with a troubled past who was involuntarily admitted to a mental institution for two and a half years. Now she’s finally free to start her life again--but problems from her past resurface even as she struggles to ignore them. THE FIRST TIME SHE DROWNED is a compelling, sometimes disturbing, emotional exploration of the complex bonds between mothers and children. I thought that the prose was very engaging and kept my interest even when the plot was slow. There’s a bit of romance and a touch of witty humor that I thought really helped to balance out the bleak moments. This is a coming of age story in which Cassie has to break free of her past in order to have hope for a better future. 

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