29 March 2016

Review: The Great American Whatever

The Great American Whatever 
By Tim Federle

Publication Date: March 29, 2016 
Publisher: Simon and Shuster Books For Young Readers

Meet Quinn Roberts- the prototypical sarcastic screenwriter teen in the aftermaths of a personal tragedy, desperate to lose his virginity, with a lame social life and an interfering friend. Forced to attend his first college party by said interfering friend, he meets and spends a week with hot college boy Amir, complete with cliché introspection, awkward sexual experiences, failures, and life changing revelations. With no plans for his future, a dead sister, a mourning lethargic mother, and a broken air conditioner, follow Quinn as he attempts to turn his life into the perfect screenplay. What could possibly go wrong?
Federle has brought a new perspective to the classic,self-deprecating viewpoint of an angsty teenager. Quinn's voice rang true throughout this novel, as a relatable character suffering from the same cringe worthy moments and insecurities that we all suffer from. Riddled with funny quips and obscure pop cultural references, this book was a smooth story that finished itself effortlessly. I especially enjoyed how the fact that Quinn was gay was not used as a major plot point or a personality trait.I'd highly recommend this book, especially for fans of David Levithan or John Green.

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