11 March 2016

Review: Firstlife

By Gena Showalter 

Publication Date: February 21, 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Teen 

FIRSTLIFE gives a new definition to life after death. After Firstlife, there's Everlife. The Troika and Myriad are the two powers in charge and a person has to sign with which realm they want to live in before they die. Ten has been sent to a mental asylum by her parents to make her choose Myriad, the realm they are loyal to. Both realms are in a deadly war to get Ten because of the power they believe she holds. Ten finds both realms appealing and can't make her choice as she questions everything she has been told. While the story does drag on in the beginning, it sets up Ten's relationships with other important characters. Ten handles everything with brilliance and we see not only her character develop, but also others as the plot thickens. Action packed and set in a futuristic world, FIRSTLIFE is a book for those looking for a completely new and fresh read. 

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