19 May 2014

Review: Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
Publisher: Little, Brown
Publication date: December, 27, 2011

Told as a series of flashbacks in the form of a long letter written by sixteen-year-old Min to her ex-boyfriend Ed, Why We Broke Up is a bittersweet love story. In each chapter, Min describes another gift from Ed that she is giving back, and the memory that goes along with it. As Min writes this letter, she is reliving every moment in her mind, and I felt myself thinking and breathing along with her; her thoughts became my thoughts, I fell for Ed as she fell for Ed, and I turned page after page because I too wanted answers to the questions Min was still asking herself. The beautiful illustrations of each gift at the start of every chapter are a perfect addition to the story that already makes you want to just keep reading, and find out really, why did they break up?

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