16 May 2014

Review: White Space

White Space by Ilsa J. Bick
Publisher: Egmont
Publication date: February 11, 2014

Emma Lindsay, your not-so-ordinary high schooler, finds herself, along with six other kids, trapped in the nightmare of a story she wrote. So what happens when she finds out the story isn't even hers? Most likely designated for hard-core science fiction fans, WHITE SPACE is not a light, easy read. Inspired by the Matrix and Inkheart, this story is a complex and densely written headtrip and takes a lot of patience. Bick throws us into a world with little to no explanation and you will remain confused about this for the majority of the book. But even with its frequent P.O.V. switches and Bick's excessive use of Matrix references, is White Space worth reading? Yes and no. If you are a fan of thought out plots, intricate characters and a lot of gore, then this is a book for you.

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