05 May 2014

Review: After the End

After the End by Amy Plum
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication date: May 6, 2014

AFTER THE END by Amy Plum is a story about a girl named Juneau who was born into a world of ignorance and danger. She believed that in 1984 there was a Third World War that killed most of the world in a horrific nuclear explosion. One day, however, when Juneau is off hunting, her family and friends are kidnapped and, for the first time in her life, Juneau finds herself crossing the borders of their clan to go rescue them when she discovers the horrible truth. There was never a bomb. The world never ended, just hers. She finds a fully functioning society 3 days from all she has ever known and she has been lied to for her entire life. While she is trying to cope with this new existence, Juneau goes on an adventure to try to save her clan, understand a prophecy, and escape the clutches of those who are after her, those who might just know the answers to all her questions. This story is filled with adventure and romance and sends you on an adventure in which you learn about the world, about trust, and has just enough magic that you just can’t put it down until you reach the last page. This book tells a completely different kind of story which is action-packed and filled with unexpected turns and leaves you excited, confused, and in love with all the characters. It was great!!

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