29 September 2014

Review: Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publishing date: September 16, 2014

In Stefanie Gaither's FALLS THE SHADOW, America is trying to recover from an illness that plagued the country, and what was known as the Silent War. To help keep the population stable, scientists have come up with a new process-- cloning, and Catelyn knows all too much about the whole thing. Catelyn's an origin, or someone who has a clone waiting to take their place, and her sister, Violet, is now a clone, after the old human Violet died. However, when new Violet is accused of murder, Catelyn's less-than-normal life is turned upside down.

Gaither creates an interesting, morally twisting read with FALLS THE SHADOW. Taking the readers on a journey they won't soon forget, she paints a devastating view of America after a treacherous war, and the vulnerableness it awakens in people as they struggle to keep what's close to them safe. Even though parts are confusing at some points, it ties together well as you read on. With bitingly sarcastic characters who are well-rounded and quite lovely to read about, combined with the fast-paced writing style Gaither possesses, FALLS THE SHADOW is a must read for anyone ages 12 and up.

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