08 September 2014

Review: Falling into Place

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang
Publishing date: September 9, 2014
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

FALLING INTO PLACE by Amy Zhang is a tragically powerful novel about Liz Emerson and her heart wrenching view of life. The novel starts with Liz testing death by running her Mercedes off the road, hoping it will be the last action she ever takes. Instantly after, the reader is taken on a journey through Liz’s life as the most popular junior in school. The reader witnesses snapshots of her earlier life, and the countdown of events that lead Liz to the day she tries to die. An abundance of anticipation grows throughout the book as to whether or not Liz Emerson will survive her now critical condition after the accident. Alone and afraid, her family, friends, and entire school, wait to hear if Liz Emerson can heal from her physical and emotional wounds that have been around longer than anyone expected.

This novel is a tragically captivating story that is sure to have the reader engrossed from start to finish. With a character-driven plot, I was emotionally invested in Liz Emerson’s life and all the misfortunes it held. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story that will keep them at the edge of their seat, always wanting more. With an emotional roller coaster of a plot, the story will venture into new and thrilling places at every turn of the page. After finishing this book, the reader will be stunned to hear that the author, Amy Zhang, is in high school herself, but as experienced as any other writer. I would recommend this book for ages fifteen and up.

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