19 June 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review

The Fault in Our Stars is a humorous but poignant tear-jerker that stayed incredibly true to the novel's storyline. Fans of the John Green story about two cancer-stricken lovers who journey to Amsterdam won't be disappointed by the movie adaptation. The movie is clearly an interpretation of the book (unlike movies such as the ill fated Percy Jackson) and while I didn't agree with all the directorial choices, it follows the ideas and beliefs both behind and in the book perfectly. Shailene Woodley (essentially the new Jennifer Lawrence) portrays an adequately matter-of-fact and truthful Hazel Grace, the narrator/main character. Ansel Elgort, on the other hand, presents a fantastic surprise in his adorable and moving interpretation of Augustus Waters. The metaphorically inclined, one-legged love interest completely steals the show with his clever facial expressions and heartbreaking dramatic acting. The movie is not quite as deep as the book, but therein lies the challenge of translating any John Green book to a broader audience via the cinema; it is impossible to be that philosophical without making the movie 8 hours long. Despite that, The Fault in Our Stars is an excellent movie that will have viewers laughing through their tears and I highly recommend it whether or not you have read the book. Note: there is a scene of not so brief partial nudity and sexual implications.

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