20 June 2014

Review: When I Was the Greatest

When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds
Publisher: Atheneum Books
Publishing date: January 7, 2014

This novel is about 15 year old Ali, his family, his best friend Noodles and his brother Needles, who has Tourette’s Syndrome. I really enjoyed this book- it’s character driven and mostly dialogue which I really like. The characters themselves are all incredibly developed, and I felt as though for most of them I either loved them, or loved to hate them, which is a good thing. I read the book really fast, because the relationships the characters have with each other are so realistic and enticing that I wanted to read it whenever I had any time at all. There is no romance in this book- and to be honest I didn’t miss it. I would recommend this book, highly, to anyone over 12 years old.

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