02 June 2014

Review: Panic

Panic by Lauren Oliver
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publishing date: March 4, 2014

PANIC, by Lauren Oliver, is a story about an unspoken game played by the graduating seniors during the the summer in a poor town in the middle of nowhere. Heather and her friends compete in this game where the stakes are high and the reward is even higher, but only to some. It is a game where you have to be smart and brave, but not too courageous, because that will elicit consequences which can be deadly. This game changes people; it teaches them bravery, maturity, selflessness, and sacrifice. I loved Lauren Oliver's new book PANIC and how brilliantly she taught valuable lessons on growing up, and learning about what sacrifices to take, and which not to risk, for the greater good of others. The game Panic is not just about the reward, or the courage and macho required to participate; it is a game of wit and dedication, and the characters who go far, are those who are willing to take themselves to the next level. Those who participate develop and mature as they make it through the dangerous levels and come out of it a new person ready for anything the world has to offer, with an understanding of the greater goal.

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