04 April 2017

Review: Keeping the Beat

Keeping the Beat
by Marie Powell and Jeff Norton

Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: April 4, 2017

KEEPING THE BEAT by Marie Powell and Jeff Norton follows an all girl rock band on their rise to fame that brings them from England to LA, and the path each girl takes once they get there. The hodgepodge group of five girls barely talked at school, but an opportunity on Britain's newest reality show to become a world famous band throws them together into living a SoCal life of nonstop partying and celebrity status. Yet each girl faces their own personal problems that threaten to tear the band apart, and possibly the lives of those around them.

Though the premise seemed a bit cliché, the writing and dialogue was fresh enough to keep it a fun and exciting read. The characters were an interesting take on old tropes and felt well developed and layered. While some of the plot points seemed to be a little out of place and the last few chapters were a bit rushed, it all came together cohesively in a way that kept my attention. Each of the girls brought a unique viewpoint to the story at large and helped tie the book together. I really enjoyed this book as a fun suspenseful read that I would definitely recommend to someone who is looking for the same kind of exciting easy reading experience.

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