04 April 2017

Review: Geekerella

by Ashley Poston

Publisher: Quirk Books
Publication Date: April 4, 2017

GEEKERELLA tells the story of Elle, a young fangirl who’s obsessed with Starfield, a Star Trek-like show filled with romance and adventure. Although she doesn’t like the choice for the main actor in the reboot, she still hopes to win ExcelsiCon’s costume contest so she can meet him and get the tickets to L.A so she can finally get away from her stepmother and step sisters. Meanwhile, Darien is the new main actor for Starfield, and although it is his dream role, he is written off as just a teenage heartthrob with no respect for the fandom. Now, as he must judge a costume contest at ExcelsiCon, the place he used to love before he was famous, he begins to feel more like a fake, until he meets a girl who makes him think otherwise.

I honestly picked this book up expecting it to be horrible. But it wasn’t. I loved its developed characters and jokes, and how it very much was a Cinderella story, yet wasn’t. I also loved how it had the true essence of a fandom book, which will make all fandom obsessed readers relate to it. It is very much one of those books that is super cheesy, yet addictive. And while it is just one of those feel-good books that you finish in a day, the characters and overall essence will stick with you. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and fun read to brighten up their day. And even if you are not in a fandom, you’ll wish you were after reading this.

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