06 October 2014

Review: They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire
Publishing date: October 17, 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press for Young Readers

THEY ALL FALL DOWN by Roxanne St. Claire centers around Kenzie Summerall and the other nine girls on this years “hottie list.” Each year at Vienna High, ten girls are voted onto a list of the coolest girls in school. When Kenzie finds out about her placement on the list, she is baffled. The list is only for the most popular of all the girls, not for the average overachievers, like Kenzie. But when strange, life-threatening things start to happen to each girl, they begin to wonder if the list is more than just a list, and if their lives are in the hands of a killer.

As exciting as it is thrilling, THEY ALL FALL DOWN kept my brain spinning and my hands flipping the pages as fast as possible! Kenzie is, overall, very relatable. She is smart, motivated, and determined to figure out the mystery of “The Hottie List.” I especially loved the way the author incorporated Latin throughout the story, weaving everything together. The plot was complex yet easy to follow, and came together very nicely at the end of the novel. From the first to the last page, I was hooked, and would definitely recommend this book to anybody looking for a great read.

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