17 October 2014

Review: The Accidental Highwayman

The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp
Publication date: October 14, 2014
Publisher: Tor Teen

Kit Bristol, the main character in Ben Tripp's THE ACCIDENTAL HIGHWAYMAN, was your average servant; he did the housework, the shopping, and pretty much ran the life of his master, until one day his beloved mentor and savior, returns home wearing the all-black clothing and signature mask of infamous highwayman Whistling Jack. This incident, combined with the fatal gunshot wound that kills his master, forces Kit on an adventure that will change his destiny forever. Having donned the clothing of Whistling Jack, Kit is sent on a quest to save Morgana, the Princess of the Fey and the betrothed to the King of England himself! Accompanied by the princess, the fastest horse in all of England, a circus acrobat, a senile old man, a chimpanzee, fairies, and many other impossible companions, Kit races against the clock to reach safe ground, before the King of Fey, the One-Eyed Duchess, or all the King's Army and all the King's Men can catch them.

THE ACCIDENTAL HIGHWAYMAN, is a fast-paced adventure about finding oneself in unpredictable and dangerous situations. Although the language can sometimes be a little medieval, it is well worth breaking out the dictionary. The characters in the story are all well-developed and totally relatable, even though the book's readers aren't fairy princesses and wanted criminals (hopefully).

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