09 January 2017

Review: Death on the River of Doubt

Death on the River of Doubt
by Samantha Seiple

Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: January 3, 2017

DEATH ON THE RIVER OF DOUBT by Samantha Seiple talks about a scary and somewhat unknown story about the near-death experience of Theodore Roosevelt, one of America's finest Presidents. He was on an expedition in the Amazon, when he was injured, and his group struggles to find food. They face multiple roadblocks and challenges in an attempt to get Roosevelt back to safety. I thoroughly enjoyed the book's action and how the story is kept exciting despite it being nonfiction. I personally was interested in this book because of my interest in history, and was curious as to what happened during this expedition. I would recommend the book to most people, despite the small amounts of violence, because other than that it did not strike me as inappropriate at all.

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