28 December 2016

Review: Iron Cast

Iron Cast
by Destiny Soria

Publisher: Abrams/ Amulet
Publication Date: October 11, 2016

Nightclubs. Jazz. Flappers. And magic? IRON CAST artfully combines all of the above, following two best friends employed by Boston’s most notorious gangster, Johnny Dervish. On the surface, Ada and Corrinne could not be more different: multiracial Ada is the first in her family to be born in America, while Corrine is an heiress with nothing to lose. However, both are “hemopaths”, born with the ability to create magical illusions: Ada through music and Corinne through her voice. They perform in the Cast Iron nightclub by night and con rich folks by day for mob boss Dervish, but their entire existence is threatened when Ada is trapped by those who would use her powers for far more sinister means. Sora’s world of magic, mobsters, and the glamorous forbidden nightclubs of the 1920’s combines the forbidden decadence of the Prohibition Era that has captivated audience for decades with fresh, complex characters and an exciting plot. Her writing itself is enthrallingly descriptive and tempered with just the right amount of darkness to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The action-packed plot also incorporates social issues of the time, such as racial equality and women’s rights, in a way that is informative without disrupting the flow of the novel. I highly recommend this book to fans of all genres.

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