26 November 2016

Review: Replica

by Lauren Oliver

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October 4, 2016

Replica by Lauren Oliver tells the story of two different girls, intertwined by one word: clones (or shall I say replicas?). Half of the book follows Lyra, a girl who grew up in Haven Institutes, who escapes with another clone, 72, and sees the real world for the first time in her life. The other half follows Gemma, a regular girl whose life soon becomes entwined with Lyra's as she hopes to find out the truth behind what exactly goes on at Haven.

While I read this book, I really enjoyed how you can see the two different sides of the story, and how different characters experienced different versions of the same events. One thing that kind of bothered me though, was how practically entire conversations were repeated, just with slightly different commentary, which could have been avoided in order to make the book shorter and the plot more in-depth. I liked how the two sides complemented each other, and how there were equal parts of, science and romance. In the end, there was also a twist which was very well thought out, with the seeds of it even reaching back in both girls’ stories, which really helped bring the two stories together.

I would read the next book of this duology, to see exactly where Gemma and Lyra end up next in this not-so-far future tale! I would recommend this for science fiction lovers who hope to have a little romance in their next read!

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