12 May 2016

Review: This Is My Brain On Boys

This Is My Brain On Boys 
by Sarah Strohmeyer

Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: May 10th, 2016

THIS IS MY BRAIN ON BOYS is about Addie Emerson, a senior in high school who doesn't believe in love, at least not for herself. She thinks she has figured out a scientific way to make people fall in love with each other, but then a mysterious boy comes into the picture and Addie's world is turned upside down. The book was a little confusing in itself because everything happened so fast, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. THIS IS MY BRAIN ON BOYS, was a pleasant surprise because I usually don't like books in this genre. I also enjoyed the straight to the point writing style. The plot was nicely developed with quite a few twists, which came at times you wouldn't expect them to. I recommend this to people who like warm and funny books. 

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