10 May 2016

Review: The Last Boy and Girl In The World

The Last Boy and Girl In The World 
by Siobhan Vivian 

Publisher: Simon and Shuster 
Publication Date: April 26, 2016 

In THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD, Keeley Hewitt lives in a net of carefully structured relationships with her friends, parents, and school. When her home town of Aberdeen begins to flood, it feels like the end of the world for everyone. Then Jesse, Keeley’s long time crush, begins to take an interest in her. Drastic times may call for drastic measures, but Keeley decides that rather than wait for the ending, she would make a new one. When pieces begin to click together, and fall apart, Keeley rapidly loses her grip on what is true, and what’s just for show.

This book starts innocently enough. Keeley hangs out with her friends, flirts with a boy, and fusses over dresses for the formal, but as the story evolves, Keeley’s world begins to collapse around her. Although this book seems like a simple, coming-of-age story, around three quarters of the way through, the tone darkens, and the reader can see the full-blown damage of Keeley’s mistakes. This book is definitely more than meets the eye. It also has many sweet components to it. Keeley is able to maintain a light, cheery disposition, and cracks more than a few jokes throughout the novel. Overall, this book is a page turner and I enjoyed it immensely, and I would recommend it.

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