18 February 2016

Review: Front Lines

Front Lines 
by Michael Grant 

Publication Date: January 26th, 2016
Publisher: Harper Teen

FRONT LINES is the kind of story which you simply cannot put down. You get pulled into the action, and are either constantly thinking about the stories, or actually reading them. I was at first skeptical about the multiple perspective narration, which follows different characters who are completely separate from one another. I found, however, that in FRONT LINES, the characters are distinct enough from each other, and their personalities are strong enough by themselves that they hold their own; I didn't find myself frustrated or bored with their stories. Grant has you follow the individual characters as they are changed by the war, and become stronger not only in their physical endeavors in the war, but also in their personalities. I loved FRONT LINES, and all my feelings of hesitation, and uncertainty for the topics and themes raised, were not warranted and I was impressed by just how well they turned out. 

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