18 February 2016

Review: Blackhearts

by Nicole Castroman

Publication Date: February 9th, 2016
Publisher: Simon Teen 

Before Blackbeard became the notorious pirate he is known as today, he was just a young merchants son who dreamed of adventures in faraway lands. Anne Barrett, the daughter of an ex-slave and merchant is left with nothing after the passing of her parents. Forced to work in the Drummond household, she soon acquaints herself with Teach, her masters son. Drawn together by a mutual longing for freedom, Teach and Anne learn that they might just be what the other was looking for. BLACKHEARTS is not your typical pirate book. In fact, I wouldnt consider it a pirate book at all. Although, this is the story of one the most famous pirates of all time, it never takes place on a ship. This is truly the story of Blackbeard before he became Blackbeard. Castroman hooks you in by telling the story through the eyes of a young African maid and rich merchants son, both feeling like outcasts in the worlds they were born into. This romanticized retelling of Blackbeards beginning is great for fans of historical fiction and romance. 

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