08 January 2016

Review: Infinite In Between

Infinite In Between  
by Carolyn Mackler
Publication date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen

INFINITE IN BETWEEN follows a diverse group of five teenagers throughout high school and how much their lives change within those four years. It’s an extremely realistic story that really captures the spirit of growing up, from the friends who come and go, the relationships you make, family drama, but overall, self discovery and coming into your own. Each character has a bit of a common YA trope in their story, but there is a uniqueness and freshness in them that makes it interesting to read. The five perspectives worked really well and the stories were cut off at just the right time as to where you get enough knowledge about what happened, but you still want to know more. Despite the rather lengthy page count, it was a fast and enjoyable read. 

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