05 March 2015

Review: My Best Everything

My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp
Publication date: March 3, 2015
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Yesterday, I found myself thinking about Lulu and Mason driving into the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains to go river rafting, as if it were a memory from my own life; that's how vivid and alive this book felt to me. The summer after high school, Lulu is desperately trying to make enough money to send herself to college, by making moonshine with the help of Mason and her two best friends. Sarah Tomp does a fantastic job of telling the story of a girl who realizes the rest of her life might depend on whatever happens in one summer. Lulu has always wanted nothing more than to get out of the small town of Dale, yet now she finds it hard to imagine truly saying goodbye to all she has known, and to the possibilities of what life could be like if she stayed. As Lulu faces bigger decisions than she ever had to before, she wonders about whether fate really does exist: is there such a thing as someone or something that's meant to be? This story perfectly captures emotions about the overwhelming idea of one's future I have often found so hard to articulate. I loved this book and wished it didn't have to come to an end! I would recommend it for anyone!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I love the title, it so perfectly captures that sort of relationship you have with someone who just means the world to you when you're young and don't even really know what that means. Small town stories are always great because you have such a perfect idea of what's laid out for the protagonist, and sometimes even find yourself rooting for everything familiar and sweet about being out in the country. Regardless of whether or not everything hinges on one summer, I think a lot of teenagers end up feeling, at some point or another, that their hole life depends on choices they are making in the moment. I know when I was getting ready for college, every decision felt like it was going to echo into the rest of my life and pick which doors stayed open or slammed shut for me. It would be interesting to encounter a book with a protagonist who actually is in a crucial moment of life-long significance...especially if it is as well-written as you say!