07 June 2017

Review: Once and for All

Once and for All
by Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: June 6, 2017

Does true love only happen once? Sarah Dessen is back with ONCE AND FOR ALL, another well-crafted, heart-touching novel that seeks to answer just this question. Louna’s family has been in the wedding planning business for as long as she can remember, and somehow the romance of getting married just isn’t captivating when you’re the wizard behind the curtain. Plus, Louna is still recovering from the losing Ethan, the unquestionable love of her life. She thinks her story is over until Ambrose- a hyperactive, polysyllabic playboy- tries to convince her otherwise.

While the synopsis sounds cheesy, this book is anything but. The writing is beautifully exquisite, the characters rich and deeper than expected for a summer romance novel. The detail in the setting and plot is impeccable, and it’s impossible not to be drawn into Dessen’s world. Dessen does a unique job of addressing a stage of loss not often talked about: not grieving, but moving on.


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