02 May 2017

Review: Deep Water

Deep Water
by Katherine Nichols

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: May 2, 2017

Based on a true story, DEEP WATER depicts the drug smuggling journey of Eddie Otero over the span of about ten years. Eddie starts his operation by swimming across the ocean, eventually moving up to trucks and boats loaded with millions of dollars of marijuana. Eddie and his friends from school and work escalate from a two-man team in Coronado to an international smuggling operation. The main story is sporadically interrupted by interludes of the police trying to catch them, but not in a way that creates two major storylines. The police are like a secondary story that runs parallel to, but does not overwhelm, the main plot.

I really liked this book, and found it very interesting, especially because it really happened. Every few chapters cover one to three years, which helps portray the amount of time passed very well. This book is very gripping and usually builds great suspense right before, during, and right after each shipment. I found it interesting how the dynamics of the group worked, how they interacted with larger drug lords, and why they continued their illegal business.

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